There are many options for modern building design that you may want to consider for a new home. Today, industrial-style buildings offer options for design and comfort when building a new home. The following industrial-style building guide will help you create the custom-designed home of your dreams:

Structural Steel of Industrial Designs

The biggest noticeable feature of an industrial design is the structural steel. With a home design, these features can be custom-fabricated and exposed. Some of the exposed metalwork details to consider for your home include:

  • Custom girders
  • Steel roof trusses
  • Custom-fabricated columns

The exposed structural steel is an attractive addition to the design of your home. These custom structural steel features can also have decorative metalwork added to them. This will allow you to personalize the design of your home even more.

An Open Space to Finish Freely

Another design feature of industrial styles that you will want to consider is an open-concept. When you are building an industrial-style home, this can be taken to the next level. The entire interior of the structure can be open. This leaves the interior finishes of your home up to your imagination. A few ideas to finish the interior of the structure include:

  • Bedroom lofts above common living spaces
  • An open studio design
  • Adjoining indoor and outdoor living spaces

Industrial designs give you the freedom to create a personalized style. These spaces are vast and open, which is what makes them so attractive for new home designs. It can allow you to create a more personalized space with all the features you want in a custom home design.

Creating Privacy for Industrial Designs

Even with an industrial design, there are some things to consider for your home where you want to have more privacy. There are various options to add privacy to industrial designs, such as using curtains and screens. Some of the solutions you may want to consider include:

  • Use screens and frosted glass for privacy
  • Add curtains and draperies
  • Integrate industrial-style walls

If you want to have more privacy for some spaces like bedrooms, walls will be the best solution. To build the walls and maintain the industrial-style look, they can be built with reclaimed brick materials.

The industrial design can be an attractive style for your new home. If you are ready to start creating a modern home design, contact industrial-style builders to start planning your project. For more information, check out this website,, or similar sites.