The garbage disposal is a major plumbing component in the kitchen that helps you break up left-over food scraps. Like a lot of other plumbing systems, it can break down over the years. If you're experiencing these specific issues with this system, go ahead and hire a plumber. 


If your garbage disposal is a bit older, it may have a tendency of leaking. This is a serious problem because water can accumulate underneath the sink and then mold can set in if you don't respond promptly.

Fixing a leak won't be difficult if you let a professional go in and take care of the problem. They'll check the rings that connect the garbage disposal system to the sink's hole. Sometimes, they can give them an adjustment and that will fix the leak. Or the plumber may need to reseal the rings so that water doesn't drip out.

Bad Odors

You probably put a lot of things down the garbage disposal, from pizza to sandwich meat. It's thus pretty common for odors to start coming from the garbage disposal area periodically throughout the year. 

If this is happening frequently, hire a plumber. They'll need to check the disposal's blades to make sure they're in good shape and able to effectively break down food particles. If there are problems, the plumber can repair the blades. To take care of the bad odors, the plumber can apply special cleaning chemicals that will leave behind a better fragrance that you can actually stand being around. 

Faulty Motor

Garbage disposals work because of their specialized motor. It's put through a lot if you use this appliance frequently, so naturally, it may break down. If you believe you have a faulty garbage disposal motor, hiring a plumber is the best way to get a new one put in without causing damage to the garbage disposal or surrounding area. 

The plumber works with these systems a lot so they'll know just how to get the old motor out and set up a new one in its place. They'll also test the motor so that you know the garbage disposal is fully operational again.

Garbage disposals can rip apart all kinds of food scraps, but they won't be able to work perfectly forever. If you believe this component is seriously malfunctioning, hire a plumber and let them solve the problem so that you don't get hurt or cause damage. Go online to websites like for more information about plumbing repairs.