Commercial buildings often have large, flat roofs that need maintenance and care. If the roof is let go and the maintenance not done as it should be, the roof can develop a leak and require repair or replacement. Replacing the roofing material on a commercial building is a big job, and it requires hiring a commercial roofer to do the job right.

Signs of Damage on Your Roof

One of the most common signs that there is a problem with the roof on your building is a leak in the roof. If you have water coming in when it is raining or when there is snow on the roof in the wintertime, you need to have a commercial roofing company come out and inspect the roof for damage. Show the roofer the area that is leaking so they can check that first, and then have them inspect the entire roof for signs of damage or wear. 

If the roof is not leaking but you can see sections of the roofing coming loose or blowing around outside, you need to have a commercial roofing company come and deal with it before the roofing material comes off and the roof does start to allow water to get inside.

Inspecting the Roof

The first thing the commercial roofing company is going to do when inspecting the roof is to look at any areas that you have noticed problems. They will check the edges of the roof, the areas where the roofing meets vents, air conditioning units, and skylights, and they'll look at the roof around any drains that may be in the roof. 

These areas are all prone to water collection and are the most likely to leak over time. Sometimes, resealing an area around a joint is all that is required to stop a leak, but other times the roofing material on that part of the roof requires replacing. 

Replacing the Roof

Commercial roofs often use a rubber-like material on the roof that is held in place with tar or a glue-like sealer. The roofing material comes in large rolls and can be laid down quickly then the seams of the material joined and sealed with the tar or glue. Many times the new roofing is laid on top of the old roofing material, and in some situations, a section of roofing may be replaced and bonded to a section that retains the original roofing material.

The method that the roofer uses on the roof will depend on the severity of damage to the rubber roofing material that is already in place. Contact a company like Danny Odom & Son Roofing for more information.