The roofing on your home is vulnerable to different types of damage that you want to be able to prevent. The right choices of home improvements will help prevent problems like dry rot in the attic and wear of roofing materials or problems with the foundation of your home. Here are some of the improvements that you will want to consider to protect your shingles and prevent other common damage:

1. Improving Attic Ventilation to Stop Moisture Problems and Dry Rot

The ventilation of your attic is important to allow heat and moisture to escape. If there is moisture that gets trapped in your attic with heat, this combination can cause problems with dry rot, which will cause structural problems. To correct this problem, buy turtleback roof vents and install them in inconspicuous areas of your roof to improve ventilation and allow the moisture and heat to escape.

2. Reducing Energy Loss and Preventing Ice Dams by Upgrading Attic Insulation

The energy loss through the roof of your home is due to the lack of insulation in the attic. This problem can cause heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter. The heat that rises during the winter can also cause snowfall to melt, which leads to ice dams and roof damage. To prevent these problems, add insulation to the attic to ensure your home has an efficient thermal barrier to stop heat loss.

3. Correcting Problems with Excess Runoff by Adding Shed Roofs on Your Home

There are many problems with excessive runoff that can cause damage to your home. The easiest way to correct these problems is by adding a shed roof or small structures that change the direction of the watershed.  These are solutions that may need to be used around chimneys, where different roof slopes meet, or where walls and roof slopes meet.

4. Installing Gutters or Gutter Covers to Protect Your Foundation and Roofing

The easiest improvement to stop roof problems and damage is to install gutters. Gutters help to direct water away from the foundation and prevent problems at the eaves. When you have gutters installed, make sure that they are installed with gutter covers to prevent problems with ice dams and debris at the eaves; if you do not have gutter covers installed, an installation service can easily install them for you.

These are some tips that will help prevent some of the most common types of damage to your home. If you are ready to protect your roof and foundation, contact a gutter service and talk to them about installing gutter covers to prevent ice damage and wear from debris collecting at the eaves.