Having a covered patio lets you enjoy being outdoors while still having shelter from the elements. The open sides let cool breezes and sunlight in, while the roof gives you an easy way to enjoy your outdoor space even on rainy days. Adding rolling shutters to your patio can be the perfect finishing touch. If you haven't considered installing this type of shutter to your covered patio, here are a few reasons to think about them.

Storm Protection

When severe weather threatens your home, your patio may be one of the most vulnerable areas. With open sides, your patio may be susceptible to damage from driving rains and even debris kicked up by powerful winds. Even if you don't live in an area prone to hurricanes, adding rolling shutters can shield your patio and the exterior of your home from potential damage. The shutters can be rolled down easily when the weather predictions call for severe conditions, and they can be raised once again once the storm passes.

Home Security

If you have an outdoor television, sound system, or other valuables set up on your patio, you'll want to make sure they are protected when you aren't around. Adding rolling shutters can provide a line of defense against potential burglaries and vandalism. With the shutters in place, potential thieves can't see into the patio area. The shutters also make it more difficult to get into the patio without anyone noticing. Be sure to set up your security cameras so they have a view on either side of the shutter doors as an added layer of security.

Indoor Space

You may not always want to use your patio as an outdoor space. If you are hosting a party in the winter, or if you simply need extra indoor space on a temporary basis, your rolling shutters can serve as impromptu walls. This option is perfect should you host a party on a day when the weather takes a turn for the worse, as you can still use some of your outdoor space for serving or entertaining guests. You can also quickly transform a covered patio into a guest room when out-of-town visitors make a surprise stop at your home.

Talk to a company, like Nevada Rolling Shutter Inc., about the different colors, styles, and designs available. You can find a perfect color match to add beauty to your patio while providing protection against the elements and potential intruders, making your new residential rolling shutters as beautiful as they are functional.