When a hail storm hits your home, the damage can be substantial. The most common type of damage related to hail storms is that of roofing damage. Heavy hail can cause damage to your roof shingles, leaving your home prone to leaks. Fortunately, most home insurance policies include some sort of coverage against hail damage; the key is knowing what steps to take if your roof is damaged in a hail storm so that you can expedite your claims process and get your repair done as soon as possible.

1. Document the Damage Thoroughly

Start by documenting the damage to your roof as thoroughly as possible. If you can, get photos of the roof damage itself--but do not put your own safety at risk if you're not able to safely obtain the photos. A roofing company can come out and handle this for you at the same time they provide an estimate for repairs. If roof damage has led to issues inside your home (such as a water leak), be sure to document this as well. Taking photos of hail with some kind of scale for size can also be helpful documentation for the claims process.

2. Contact Your Insurance Company

You'll want to contact your insurance company as quickly as possible after discovering the damage to your roof as well. The sooner you let your insurance agent know about the damage, the sooner you can get the claims process started and, as a result, the sooner you should be able to have repairs done. 

3. Schedule a Temporary Repair

If damage to your roof has left your home prone to water damage or leaks, you'll need to schedule a temporary repair sooner rather than later. This may include installing a tarp over the damage on your roof so as to protect your home from water.

4. Submit Necessary Claims Paperwork

Be sure to complete and submit all claims paperwork required by your home insurance company. This will likely include photos of the damage and an estimate from a local roofing company on the repairs. From there, you should be able to get the green light to have the repairs done at your insurance company's expense (minus your deductible, if applicable).

Experiencing roof damage as a result of hail can be a real hassle, but as long as you have insurance coverage, you should be able to have it taken care of in no time. For more information and assistance, contact your local storm damage roof repair service.