If your home feels a little too small these days, an expensive renovation or a physical move might seem like your only options. But, you can recapture unused space in your home with some clever cabinet storage and organization tricks. Here are 5 areas where you may be able to gain extra storage. 

The Attic. Properly utilizing the attic is a challenge for anyone. It may not be comfortable enough to use as a regular living space as is and a remodel can be extensive. Cabinetry made to fit odd angles, short vertical spaces, and truss designs can result in an attic you can actually use and enjoy. Organize your holiday decorations, winter sports gear, clothing being passed between children, or hobby supplies — and then add some built-in seating so you can be comfortable while using the attic. 

Challenging Closets. Some homes come with ill-fitting closets that end up underused and disorganized. Revamp them by designing a custom organizer for any purpose — things like broom and supply closets, extra clothing storage, shoe shelves, custom pantry space, or storage for all your pet's supplies. 

Entry Areas. If you don't have space for a full mudroom, you probably have a lot of stuff that ends up strewn around when the kids or your spouse comes home. Solve this problem with a creative setup that incorporates everything a mudroom entails without needing extra space. Custom entryway cabinets can include open cubbies, hooks for coats, shelving, and closed-door cabinets. Install a bench in the center so everyone can take off (or put on) wet weather gear. 

Under Windows. Windows can be an obstacle for furniture placement, television location, and decorating. How can you recapture this difficult space? Why not use a custom design to work around the window, adding a seating bench with interior storage or cabinets for all your miscellaneous storage needs? 

A Small Kitchen. Before you do a full remodel to make your kitchen more useful, start with some innovative custom cabinetry. Make use of every nook and cranny with custom fits for things like the space below your cabinets. Some innovations include, creating taller cabinets, adding a small breakfast nook with built-in storage benches, or creating vertical holders for flat bakeware. 

Which of these creative ways to recoup your underused space will work best in your home? Learn more by contacting a company like Gerald L Scott Custom Cabinetry