Are you looking for a fun and unique way to update your basement floors? Polished concrete is a trendy flooring solution for both residential and commercial buildings. If you have concrete subfloors, it is possible to remove your existing flooring material and polish the concrete to create your unique floor. It is also very affordable because you don't need to buy a new flooring material. This article explains why polished concrete floors are great choice, and how they are created.

Easy Care and Cleaning

Polished concrete floors are extremely easy to care for. When they are properly polished and glazed, concrete floors are waterproof, meaning they can be cleaned with most liquid solutions. They can also be vacuumed or swept. You don't need to use any special treatments or cleaners to keep polished concrete looking amazing.

Creating The Polished Look

One of the best things about polished concrete is that is very easy to create the look. Basically, you just need a rip off your existing floor material. If you have concrete or linoleum, this is quite simple. However, removing tile from the subfloor can be more difficult. The concrete finish is created in a couple of easy steps. First, the special polisher is used to make the concrete smooth and even. However, if there are existing markings and blemishes in the concrete, these may also need to be patched just to make the surface flat. However, many people like to keep these visual blemishes (including the patched spots), because it adds to the character of the floor. Every polished subfloors is going to be completely unique.

Creating A Glaze Finish

Next, a glazed finish is applied which gives the concrete some gloss and protection. The level of gloss depends on the the glaze you apply and how you polish it. That is, some glazes are a little shinier at first, but they eventually wear down and become more subtle. Some people also polish the glaze after it is dry to make it a little more subtle and less shiny. You can create a matte finish if you polish with certain attachments.

Glazed concrete floors are very practical to own and create a unique style any room. It is definitely a smart and eco-friendly upgrade that you should consider if you want new floors. They can look equally great in a hallway, kitchen, or bedroom. It is a very adaptable style. For more information, visit websites like