Most boat owners are very concerned about where they dock their boats when they are not in use. Selecting a boat dock is an important decision because it  is used to store such a precious object. There are various types of boat docks, but not all will work for your particular boat. Therefore, it's essential to choose the right dock for your boat when building one onto your property. The information below provides details on the various docks available. 

The Piling Dock

Piling docks are one of the most commonly used for those that live by the lake. The piling docs are designed using "pilings," which are heavy wooden beams driven down into the floor of the lake. The pilings are then used to create a wooden walkway around the exterior of the boat. Piling docks are not available for every situation, because it depends on the natural elements such as the depth of the lake and overall weather climate. Typically, piling docks are built in high-flow water areas. They have raised platforms, which make them more stable and able to withstand flood waters. Piling docks are a good option for large boats and can also be used for fishing piers.

The Floating Dock

Floating docks are made to be versatile and support various types of boats. The floating dock has an anchored platform made with airtight drums that attach to a wooden platform. The dock actually floats on top of the water, which makes them rise and fall with the waves of the water. Floating docks are also moveable and can be towed away during extreme weather situations or for repairs. These types of boat docks are mostly designed for small boats used for fishing.

The Suspension Docks

Another type of dock commonly used is the suspension dock. These docks are constructed with a metal frame. The suspension dock is built so that it overhangs over the water mimicking the form of a suspension bridge. These bridges can be customized so that it connects to a pathway for easy access to the boat. The reason they are called suspension docks is because they are equipped with the ability to raise and lower depending on the level of the water. In addition, you can have the suspension dock designed in various colors that will help to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the land surrounding the boat dock.

If you are unsure about the type of boat dock that is best for your boat, consider consulting with a contractor.