You want to make sure that the water that comes out of your tap is safe to drink and tastes good. Sometimes, the water that you get may taste a little funny, just because of the various minerals in your area or the fact that your water is harder than you like. There are ways that you can handle that. 

Filtration Pitcher

One option is to get a filtration pitcher. With these pitchers, the water from your faucet goes into a filter in the lid of the pitcher. As the water goes through the filter, the nasty stuff gets filtered out, and the pitcher gets full. You can just stick these pitchers in your fridge, and you are ready to drink. You can also use the water to cook with if you want. There are problems with doing it this way. One is that the pitchers generally don't hold a lot of water, so you will have to refill it a lot or have more than one pitcher, especially if you have a larger family. 

Faucet Filtration System

Another option is to use a filter that you can attach to your faucet. They generally work faster than a filtration pitcher does, but they may not get out as much as you would like for them to, or they may restrict your water flow more than you would like. 

Whole House Filtration System

You could always decide to go the full house way. That means that you install a system that starts at your water intake line. As soon as the water comes into your house, it goes into a water treatment system, and then from the system out to your house. That means that every faucet, shower head, and toilet is going to get treated water. If you have very hard water, this option may be a good one for you. The system you get can not only filter your water, but it will also treat your water so that it's softer. Softer water will do things like rinse soap suds off easier, and won't leave buildup on your faucets, shower heads, and toilets. 

If you are worried about your water, there are things that you can do. There is a large number of water filtration system options out there that you can choose to use, depending on your needs, your budget, and whether or not you own your domicile. Visit a site like for more information.