Every once in a while, a septic system explodes and spreads out over a yard. In most instances, this is not a problem. However, it does become a problem when your well is too close to your septic system. If your septic system has recently exploded, you will need the following well pump services:

Water Testing

First and foremost, your water needs to be tested for fecal contamination and ammonia from urine. A water pump technician can take samples of your water and test them for these contaminants. If your well was that close to your septic system, it is vital that your well is tested to prevent disease and illness.

Well Relocation after Confirmed Contamination

Since a well taps into an underground aquifer filled with water, any contamination levels high enough to register on the tests means that all of the water below is unfit for human consumption and use. Once your well has been confirmed as contaminated, you will need to relocate your well and set up new plumbing to the water storage tank. Your well pump technician can help with the pump and plumbing aspects, but you will need to hire an excavation crew and/or water well contractors.

Making Sure Your New Well Site Is Much Farther Away from the Septic System

After you have found a new well site, make sure it is far away from the newly repaired septic system. Even though the septic system issue has been corrected, a lot of the contaminants have seeped into the ground. You do not want to accidentally contaminate your new well by putting it too close to the septic system again. Then the new well can be drilled and have plumbing installed.

Finally, the Pump Is Installed and Checked

Your well pump technician returns and installs your pump. He or she makes sure the pump is fully operational, and that your water storage tank is receiving water. A final test of the water for contaminants and high levels of unacceptable particles such as radon, sulfur, iron, etc., and then your new well and your new septic system are both ready to go.

As for the Old Well

Remove the pump and dispose of it. Cover and seal off the old well so no one falls in and gets hurt. Some people in a similar position opt to fill in the well and forget it is there. So long as it cannot harm anyone or anything, you can choose what to do with it.

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