Tree maintenance and care is an aspect of landscaping that many people may not understand or appreciate. This can lead to oversights and other issues that might lead to problems for the tree. To protect your tree against these risks, you should always follow some basic steps.

Use Proper Watering Techniques

When periods of drought or low rainfall strike your region, it can pose a serious problem for your trees. However, homeowners often vastly underestimate the amount of water that the tree will need when watering it. Rather than simply watering the tree for a few moments, you will want to leave the water running for around an hour. Ideally, you should use a garden hose and set it on a low or medium setting. For the best results, you will want to do this during the early morning hours as this will minimize the amount of water lost to evaporation as well as reducing the risk of the water becoming hot enough to burn the roots.

Understand The Need For Pruning

Pruning your tree can provide it with a number of important health benefits, and it may also improve the safety of your property. When you have your tree pruned, any branches that are dead or diseased will be removed from the tree. This will allow the tree to ensure that the majority of its resources are going towards growth and blooming rather than trying to heal the compromised branch.

However, you need to be mindful of the fact that pruning a tree can be a risky task if you are inexperienced with it. Mistakes during this process can lead to serious health problems for the tree as you may make it easier for infection to develop or to cause serious structural damage to the tree. Therefore, it is always advisable to have this maintenance work done by a licensed tree care professional.

Prevent Erosion Around The Base Of The Tree

Over the course of time, the soil around the base of your tree may start to wash away. When this occurs, it can expose the roots, which may make it easier for them to suffer serious damage. Periodically, you should perform a close inspection around the base of any trees on your property to make sure the soil is not eroding. If you find that the soil is starting to wash away, you should apply mulch, erosion control nets, or gravel around the base of the tree to limit or prevent this problem from worsening.