When it comes to exterior siding, most people immediately think of vinyl. Vinyl is a practical product that is well liked because it is easy to maintain and very affordable. However, some homeowners are interested in a product with a little more style than vinyl. One great, old-fashioned material that has been used on exterior siding for many years is wood. This article explains my wood siding is still a great option for homeowners.

Wood Siding is Very Stylish

Most people are initially attracted to wood siding simply because of the style. Not only does would look more natural, it also looks warmer and more homey. This means it is ideal for most types of residential construction.

Painting or Staining Your Wood

The great thing about wooden siding is that it is easily painted or stained. Most people who invest in wood want to leave the wood grains, colors and texture exposed with a clear or tinted stain. However, you can always paint it a completely solid color. This still looks great because the wood texture is a little rougher than vinyl. It definitely looks more natural than a vinyl product of the exact same color. Perhaps one of the best feature of wooden siding is the fact that it can be repainted and stained many times over its lifetime. That is, whenever you want to change the style of your home exterior, you can apply a new finish.

Solid or Composite Siding

Most people who choose wooden siding will invest in a solid, natural product. That is, the entire piece of wood will be made out of one piece of wood. The fact that the siding pieces are made from one piece of wood is very attractive to most buyers. There are however composite woods that can be a great option if you are worried about maintenance. Usually, these woods are made out of several layers. The visible outside layer is made out of a high quality hardwood, while the interior layers are cheaper, lighter composite woods. All of these layers are binder together with epoxies that helped waterproof the wood, make it more flexible and make it more durable in the long run.

Is easy to see why wooden siding is still a very popular option among homeowners. It is stylish, durable and suitable to most home styles. It is a great exterior remodel that will surely increase your property value. To learn more, contact a company like Lehman Construction Services Inc.