After you've had your restaurant's parking lot repaved, you may look at it wistfully and think it's only a matter of time before the black color begins to fade and cracks start to form. Luckily, there are many things you can do so your lot can retain its smooth, repaved surface. Use the information that follows to give you ideas about protecting the repaved lot.

Keep Drains Clear

Exposure to water is one of the most common things that affect the surface of your asphalt lot. It is vital that it can drain properly so that there is no puddling or standing water, not only for the safety and comfort of customers, but so that the asphalt can remain intact. For that reason, regularly check on the drains around your lot to be sure they're not blocked or clogged.

Remove Snow Quickly

Snow can be a bad thing for your parking lot if left to build up. As soon as you can after a snowstorm, either have a professional snow removal contractor shovel and collect the snow or take steps to get to your restaurant so that you can do the work. That will prevent prolonged exposure to the wet snow that could damage the lot surface.

Have Debris Swept

Water is not the only thing that could cause trouble for your restaurant's lot. Leftover food, glass, dust and other types of debris can collect in different places on the lot and damage the surface over time. To make sure this isn't a serious problem for you, consider hiring a commercial sweeper to remove any signs of litter and debris.

Fix Small Cracks Now

Even if you're taking great care of the asphalt surface, it may begin to crack in certain spots. Don't leave these cracks alone; it's important to address even the tiniest of cracks by applying some kind of crack filler. This is important, not just to fill the specific crack, but to prevent water from getting to the soil beneath because of the crack in the surface. Water infiltration over a number of days can result in shifting soil, which means that more cracks could form. To avoid that, fill cracks as soon as you're able.

Consider Sealcoating

Because the lot has been repaved, you may not think it makes much sense to sealcoat the new surface. In fact, having a sealcoat put on the lot can better protect it from exposure and other problems. Talk with your contractor about how often the sealing should happen.

Your new repaved lot doesn't have to get ruined by the elements, cars and other things; by using all the information laid out here, you can protect it. Ask your contractor for more pointers.

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