If you practice law, it may be very important for you to monitor who comes into your building and parking lot. You can use security guards at the front desk, but as an added layer of protection for your associates and clients, you might also consider a parking barrier system of some kind. The barrier systems below could work for your law office's parking lot.

Wood or Metal Swing Arms

One of the most inexpensive way to restrict access to the parking lot is to use a wood or metal swing-arm system. You may erect a fence around the parking lot and then at entry and exit points use swing arms to allow cars to drive in and exit.

This system can be configured a number of ways. You can have a booth constructed so that a security guard checks identification of those wanting to enter the lot. You can set up a system where drivers must get parking tickets as they enter and pay when they leave or have their ticket validated by a member of your staff. You can also make the arm function remotely by installing an intercom system so that each driver speaks to someone inside before the arm is lifted.

If you do opt for this system, be aware that drivers can speed up and use their cars to break wood arms; choose the thickest metal available to offer maximum effectiveness.

Concrete Bollards

Another option for your law firm's lot is a concrete bollard system. These thick pillars are installed and stand tall, blocking entry until a security guard or employee engages the system and the bollards retract into the ground. Bollards are much more difficult to drive past and can offer a greater level of security. However, as with swing arms, a pedestrian might be able to bypass this system; you might wish to install a camera in addition to the pillars.

Automatic Gates

Automatic gates can be a very secure barrier. When a car drives up to the gate, they either communicate with security inside your building or have an identification card that allows the gate to roll out of the way. This system can often be exceedingly effective, as it provides protection against drivers and pedestrians. Not only that, but rolling gates are often more affordable than concrete bollards. You can talk to companies like Gibson Construction Of Nevada Inc for more information about this type of barrier. 

With the information here, you can make an informed decision about what kind of barrier system is appropriate for your firm's parking lot. Work with security contractors and other experts who can help you determine the best way to protect your building and everyone inside.