Not every homeowner wishes to use a chainsaw to trim the trees around his or her property. While some people have no trouble using this saw, others find it to be challenging to use and even a little intimidating due to its risk. While you should always call a tree service if you're nervous about doing a trimming job on your own, you don't necessarily need a chainsaw if you do wish to tackle the work yourself. Here are some saws that can be a little easier to control and also feel safer to use for your next trimming project.  

Pole Saw

A pole saw is an ideal tool for reaching branches that need to be trimmed but are difficult to access. Whether you're standing on the ground beneath the tree or on a ladder, the pole saw's extendable length will allow you to comfortably cut branches that are several feet away from you. Because it's a hand saw, you can make your cuts in a slow and controlled manner, which is ideal if you're intimidated by the speed of a chainsaw. A pole saw's handle is lightweight, too, meaning that even though you're holding the device with outstretched arms, you won't get easily fatigued from the job.

One-Handed Saw

For smaller pruning jobs, a one-handed saw is an ideal tool. These saws are available in many models, including those with folding blades and fixed blades, but the common trait is that you can safely make your cuts with just one hand. This saw is a valuable tool if you're standing partway up a ladder, for example, and you need one hand for stability. Or, if you've decided to climb into the tree to cut off some dead branches, this saw will allow you to hang onto a secure branch as you cut.

Bow Saw

A bow saw is a traditional saw for a variety of trimming tasks. It's equally adept at slicing off small branches as it is cutting through a thick trunk, although the latter will certainly take longer. The advantage of a bow saw over a one-handed saw is that you can put both hands on the handle if you need extra strength or stability. A bow saw is also light, allowing you to do lots of various cutting without getting tired. If you're not in favor of investing in these different hand saws to do your own work, it's a good idea to call a local tree service for your trimming needs.