Welding is the act of heating metal or some plastics to the point of melting and physically joining them to another item of similar materials. The high degree of heat that is used can be extremely dangerous, so there are safety measures that must be used when you are welding. This guide goes over some of the safety gear that should be used by a welder.


The helmet is typically one of the most vital pieces of safety equipment for the welder. It shields the face and protects against burns and the radiations in the welding arc. Ultraviolet and infrared radiation can cause permanent damage to your sensitive eyes. A common injury often sustained to welders from lack of proper eye gear is known as "welder's flash." Even if it is a small welding job, the helmet should be worn.


High-quality gloves are a must due to the extreme heat that is used during welding jobs. A welder's gloves should be made out of a strong, thick material that does not show signs of wear--like holes, which can let heat or sharp materials inside the gloves. Certain types of gloves can even provide protection from electrical shock. Make sure your gloves are long enough that they will protect your wrists and part of your forearm.

Safety Glasses

Safety glasses should be worn even with the helmet in place. There is always the chance that your helmet does not fit close enough against your face and it is possible for metal or plastic to land in your eyes, which is extremely painful and can cause severe injuries. Always adjust the safety glasses so they sit flush on your face while allowing you to see what you are doing.


Earmuffs can provide additional protection to the head, especially the ears and inner ear. Stray particles are a hazard for welders, and if they enter the ear it can cause damage and maybe hearing loss depending on how severe it is. In addition to stray materials, the earmuffs work to muffle noise caused by the welding equipment, which can exceed 85 decibels. This level of noise may harm hearing when experienced day after day without proper protection.


Whether you are an amateur or professional welder, each of the safety materials is vital for your protection on the job. Every single item of safety equipment is used together to maximize your level of safety. To learn more, contact a business like Wayne Oxygen & Welding Supply Co Inc.