When you have suffered water damage anywhere in your home, it's important to get the cleanup done as soon as possible. Whether you have a small leak in your ceiling, or you have a complete flood in your basement, it is essential to get the water out of your home and the repairs done quickly. Water can ruin floors, walls, and ceilings, and it can cause a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Water that is left behind after an amateur cleanup can remain in the walls, weaken structures and cause further damage to your home. 

Water Damage Can Cause Mold and Mildew

One big problem homeowners face after having water damage in their home is the occurrence of mold growth. Mold can be very dangerous to your health, causing allergy symptoms and respiratory problems. It doesn't have to be standing water that causes mold growth. In fact, mold can grow easily along a wall or ceiling that simply got wet and has not yet dried out. If you notice water stains along your walls or ceiling, it's time to have this damage assessed by a professional to see what needs to be done about the water.

Water Damage Weakens Structures

Water flooding the basement causes more than a giant mess to clean up. Water can weaken beams, walls and other supports that are in your basement. If the water has been sitting in your basement for any length of time, it will be very important for any beams or walls in your basement to be checked for structural integrity. The wooden beams or structures in your basement may need to be replaced if it isn't possible to get them dry. Wood that stays wet for too long begins to rot, causing problems with the ability of beams to perform weight bearing.

Water Can Seep Almost Anywhere

It isn't the water that you can see that is the biggest problem. It is the water that seeps into the nooks and crannies of your flooded area that you have to be concerned about. A professional company that handles water damage, like RTC Restoration, will know what to look for when it comes to places that water can seep, causing unknown damage to your property. Even after you believe you have cleaned up all of the flood, water can still be lurking in hidden areas.

If your home has been damaged by water, it's important to act quickly and call in a professional for clean up services.