If you've decided to install impact doors, you want something dependable and affordable. Here are the main differences between the two most popular materials for custom impact doors, steel and fiberglass.


Fiberglass is arguably the most popular choice for impact doors by homeowners. They are well suited for single residences. The reasons are as follows:

  • Looks: These doors mimic natural grains of wood. The authenticity achieved with fiberglass can come close to looking like the real thing. That way, instead of paying for costly and high-maintenance woods, your door can just look like mahogany, cherry, or oak. It also makes your curb appeal stronger, making a great first impression to your neighbors and visitors.
  • Longevity: Fiberglass doesn't just boast versatile, great looks. It is also durable. Fiberglass doesn't shrink, crack, or warp like wood does. This makes fiberglass stand up really well in harsher, or simply humid, climates.
  • Maintenance: Fiberglass doors are incredibly low maintenance. They are very resistant to dents and scratches, and a quick bath of soap and water can make them look shining new again.
  • Energy: Efficient energy usage is important in the modern household. With fiberglass, you're getting a high-performance material that you can add weatherstripping, thermal wraps, and other energy saving accessories to.
  • Cost: Fiberglass isn't the cheapest option. It can be higher priced due to the extra benefit you're getting, depending on the model and make of the hardware you select. But many times you get exactly what you pay for.


Steel is more typically seen in commercial, rather than residential, uses. However, it can also bode well for you on your residential property.

Here's the breakdown of steel's characteristics:

  • Looks: Steel is admired by many. However, if you don't like the look of smooth steel, you can opt for a disguised wood grain pattern. You can mix multiple stains and painting finishes to achieve a wide variety of styles and colors. Sometimes, glass can even be embedded for even more unique designs.
  • Longevity: Steel doors are known for their endurance, especially in cold weather. They won't warp or crack either like wood. And compared to fiberglass, you can likely achieve as much, if not more, strength and durability with steel.
  • Maintenance: Low maintenance is a large benefit of steel. However, while many doors are galvanized, if the door is scratched, then you should get a repair. Scratched doors can eventually rust. Luckily, dings and dents can often be repaired easily with putty and pullers to even out the surface again.
  • Energy: Steel doors can be sealed air tight, making them excellent for energy conservation.
  • Cost: The cost is somewhat lower than fiberglass, as steel can be heavier and more difficult to install.

Get the right impact doors for your needs. Custom impact doors are the best way to achieve your ideal commercial or residential property.