Cleaning your air ducts will not only cut down on dust in your home, it will make the air in your home cleaner, which can help cut down on breathing issues as well as other health issues. You can tell when you need your air ducts clean by the amount of dust in your home, you can also tell if you have musty or stale odors when your furnace is running. Air ducts may need to be cleaned more often if you have pets in your home, or if anyone in your home has asthma. See below for instructions on how to clean the air ducts in your home yourself.

Tools Needed For The Job:

  • Vacuum (either a home vacuum or a shop-vacuum, along with a hose attachment)
  • Clean rag
  • Cleaning solution
  • Screwdriver
  • Broom


  1. Use your broom to clean away any debris or dust from near the grate. You don't want any dirt or dust falling into the grate when you take it off. Use the broom to get rid of any dust on the grate itself as well.
  2. Using a screwdriver, take the grate or air return cover off of the wall/floor. Wipe down the grate to get rid of any caked on dust or dirt using the clean rag and cleaning solution.
  3. Next, grab your vacuum and hose attachment to vacuum away the dust in the duct vent. Reach in as far as you can with the hose attachment to vacuum out the vent.
  4. When you don't notice any more dust going into your vacuum, you can move onto the next vent. Move room to room repeating this process on every floor grate and wall air return grate. 
  5. Once you have every room vent thoroughly vacuumed, you can move to your furnace to clean the blower compartment.
  6. Turn off your furnace, then take off the panel at the front of the furnace. Remove the filter and vacuum out the blower compartment, as well as the air boot.
  7. When finished you can put in a new filter and then replace the panel on the furnace. Turn the furnace back on when finished.

This is a good cleaning to do yourself; however, if dust and allergies are still a big issue in your home it may be time to call in a professional. Contact a professional duct cleaning expert in your area that have the tools to get deeper into your duct work to clean them thoroughly.