Make an asphalt patio to display potted flowers and foliage by following the instructions below. After you have finished the project, set up a couple lounge chairs and a small table in one corner of the patio so that you can relax and enjoy the display that you have created.


  • measuring tape
  • wooden stakes
  • wooden beams
  • water hose
  • large shovel
  • rake
  • wheelbarrow
  • tamper
  • crushed gravel
  • cold mix asphalt
  • asphalt float
  • potted plants and foliage
  • lounge chairs
  • small table

Prepare The Ground And Dig Out The Marked Section

Locate an area of your property that receives plenty of sunlight. Mark a level section of the ground with wooden stakes. Use a measuring tape to help keep the marked section even. Use a water hose to soak the ground within the marked area. The water will help loosen the soil, making it easier for you to dig. Remove the grass and dirt in the marked section, digging down several inches.

Use a rake and shovel to collect all of the grass and dirt that has been removed and place it in a wheelbarrow so that it can be easily be removed from the area where you are working. Use a tamper to flatten the base of the section that you have dug out.

Add Crushed Gravel And Cold Asphalt Mix

Lay a wooden beam along each side of the dug out section. The beams will keep the gravel and asphalt mix inside of the dug out section as they are being added. Pour a thin layer of crushed gravel along the bottom of the dug out section. The gravel will help hold the asphalt mix firmly in place. Spread the gravel out with a rake so that it is even. Pour cold asphalt mix over the gravel.

Cold asphalt mix contains asphalt, tar, and rocks. Many brands are ready for use and do not require extra ingredients to be added to them. After the asphalt mix has been added, smooth it out by moving an asphalt float across its surface. Wait a couple days for the mix to cure. During this time, place a sign near the edge of the patio so that nobody walks on it. 

Add Potted Items And Furniture

Set up a display of potted flowers and foliage along one side of the patio. Mix and match plant varieties to get the look you want. Set up a couple lounge chairs and a small table in one corner of the patio, facing the potted plants. Enjoy relaxing outside while eating a snack or drinking a cold beverage with a friend or family member. The potted flowers and foliage will give you a pleasant area to gaze at while you are enjoying the time that you are relaxing. 

If you can't complete this project on your own, contact a local paving contractor for assistance.