It's very easy to get nervous about any sign of failure in your home's foundation. Even so, it's also important to be aware that not every crack you see is something to worry about. If you know what to watch out for you'll be able to identify warning signs that your foundation is at risk, whether you see a crack or not.

Watch Your Basement

No one wants to walk through their basement and see cracks in the floor, but even these aren't necessarily an issue. Cracking in basement floors is fairly common as the concrete dries and contracts, but there are things to watch for. Be wary of uneven floors, and pay close attention to any signs of moisture or dampness on the floor, even if you don't see a crack on the ground at all.

Basement walls are another story, as these tend to be under different kinds of stress than the floor. Watch for flaking of the concrete, bowing of brick walls, and any signs of moisture on the interior wall. Unlike the floor of your basement, cracks in the walls are a warning sign, and will usually allow moisture to seep in, which will later freeze and expand the crack. Deal with these cracks as soon as you're able, so that further damage can be prevented.

Slab Foundation Problems

If you don't have a basement there are other signs that you need to be watching out for, especially in multi-story homes. The most noticeable of these will manifest as sagging ceilings and drooping floors on upper levels. This can be a sign that your foundation is uneven due to settling or improperly poured footings deep beneath the ground.

Check the exterior of your home's foundation regularly, and watch for signs of plant growth in the foundation itself. Even small roots can cause big problems if left to their own devices, so keep large shrubs or trees of any kind well away from the base of your house. If you notice cracks in a slab foundation, contact a foundation specialist immediately to have it inspected.

When it comes to your home's foundation, it's better to be safe than find out there's a problem once it's too late to address. While older homes are more likely to manifest foundation problems due to the settling and compression of the earth, even new homes can show signs if improper construction techniques were used. If you notice a crack, and you're not sure whether it's a threat to your home, call a foundation contractor to check it out. One company that might be able to meet you needs is A-Pro Seal.