There are a couple of reasons why you'd work with a contractor to renovate your home: 

  • You're rehabbing a property you've just purchased
  • You're remodeling a home you already own

No matter what your reasons are for the remodel, there are projects that should wait until you've hired a plumber to come to your home, first. Below are projects that you'll need to place on hold until you've taken care of the plumbing issues in the space: 

Solid-Material Kitchen Counters

Examples of solid-material kitchen counters include:

  • Corian
  • Quartz
  • Marble
  • Granite

All of these will need holes cut through the slab in order to accommodate your sink, particularly if you're installing a double-bowl sink.  But, before you order the installation of your kitchen counter slabs, the plumber will need to make sure that all of the water lines in your kitchen are leak-free and are allowing the proper amount of water to flow through your faucets. Also, the plumber will need to make sure that your sink is aligned properly with the kitchen's pipes. 

This is a crucial step, since the kitchen counter material's holes will be tailored specifically to the measurements of the sink. Once the holes are cut out of the solid material and the material is installed, it can't be removed or adjusted. 

Drywall Installation

Whether you're installing drywall in your kitchen, laundry room, or bathrooms, your plumber needs to install and repair the pipes. 

The pipes are installed in between the frame of the rooms and the drywall. If there are leaks in the pipes, then the walls will eventually develop mildew and watermarks. If you order your contractors to install the drywall before having your plumbing pipes repaired or replaced, then you'll be forced to hammer a hole in the drywall, allowing the plumber to gain access to the pipes. 

And, if you're forced to hammer out a hole in the drywall that's already been installed, then you'll be forced to pay contractors to install new drywall sheets! 

Bathroom Flooring

Most of your home's pipes will be installed in your walls, but your bathroom will also have water lines underneath your flooring. These lead to your toilet, your tub, and your shower. Instead of destroying your flooring in order to allow for plumbing repairs down the line, it's best to hold off on installing the flooring until you're completely sure that all of the water lines in the room are in excellent working condition. 

Some of your home's renovation projects can take place concurrently, but others like your plumbing need to take place before you continue certain types of renovations and installations. To learn more, contact a business like Two Men And A Snake.