The windows on your home can help reduce energy consumption of your home. In addition to new windows, other improvements can also be done with accessories. You can also improve windows and doors with added features and treatments that will do a lot more than just help to save energy. These features can be shutters to protect from storms and add security to your home. You can even have automated window treatments in the interior of your home to control natural lighting and save more. Here are four additional features you can add to your windows and get more than just energy savings for your home:

1. Keep Light And Water Out With Awnings

If you want to have more control of lighting, keep the glare out or protect your window seals from rain, the addition of window awnings can be a good investment. These can be the typical awnings that are fixed over windows, or they can be adjustable. The adjustable awnings can allow you to retract the awning when you want or adjust it down to reduce direct light and glare that comes in through the windows in your home.

2. Storm Protection And Security With The Addition Of Shutters

If you want to have more protection from storms, there are a couple of things you can do. One thing is to invest in more durable hurricane windows. You may also want to have functional shutters installed. With shutters, you will not only get storm protection and energy savings, but you will also be adding more security to your home. Have a peek at this site for more information.

3. Control Natural Lighting With Automated Interior Window Treatments

Another thing that can be done to windows is add an automated window treatment. These can be blinds or curtains with controls. Some can allow you to program the treatments to open and close when you like. You will also be able to control the natural lighting in your home to reduce the need for electrical lighting in your home during daylight hours.

4. Improving Glass With The Addition Of Window Films

You can also improve the glass on your windows by film to them. This is something that can reduce direct UV rays in your home as well as improve the strength of the glass. If you are replacing the windows, this is a feature that can be found on many hurricane windows that are available today.  This additional film helps to prevent windows from shattering, which can also add security to your home.

These are some of the additional features you can add to the windows of your home and get more than just energy savings. If you are doing improvements to the windows and doors in your home, contact a window professional and ask them about some of these additional improvements to get the most out of your investment.