Building your own house, or remodeling an existing home, can be a lot of fun. It is nice to be able to go through and make changes to the house that are specific to your needs. However, if you are making a lot of changes and upgrades it is important that you are sure that they improve the value of the home. Some upgrades become excessive and can actually decrease the value of your home because they are too hard to keep up or too specific to you. Here are a couple over the top upgrades that you should avoid when building or remodeling your home.

1. Excessive Landscaping

A beautiful yard can be a great selling point for many homes. A potential buyer will want to see the house looks appealing and that the yard is pleasing. However, if the yard is too ornate and the upkeep is too much work, you might have people choose another yard that is more manageable.

This is why you should avoid making your house like a reception center. If you add too many flowerbeds that need constant weeding, hardscape that needs constant maintenance, and other high maintenance work, you might actually drive people away.

2. Complicated Home Automation

Another feature that many people invest lots of money into is a complicated home automated system. Home automation can be really nice when it is done correctly, but if you make the system too complex it can become frustrating. For example, if you put all the lighting and electronics on the automated system, you might have problems if the system shuts down and you can no longer control the lights. What might be a simple fix for a normal house might be an expensive fix in a home that has a complex automated system. This is why it is better to keep these systems simple and straightforward.

3. Themed Rooms

When you decorate certain rooms it is important to keep them neutral if you are planning on reselling. For instance, making a large children's playroom that has changed the structure of the house might be great for you in your current state, but if you try to sell the house to a family with teenagers, they might see that room as wasted space. Instead of it increasing the value of the home, it can make it so the family has to change the house or room before it fits their needs.

These are just a couple upgrades that you might add to your home that won't increase the home value. Talk to experts like Battistelli, Glenn LLC for more information.