You never know how precious your bathtub drain is until its clogged. You can avoid using chemicals that may damage your pipes by using a homemade drain cleaner. If that doesn't not work, you can try saving money by following the steps below. Remember that the following suggestions will only fix minor issues. 

Unscrew Your Drain's Stopper and Unclog

The first thing you want to do is clean your drain stopper of any debris. You should also remove any water that might be sitting in your drain if your clog is severe. You can remove excess water with buckets or cups. 

Grab a regular screwdriver, and unscrew the drain stopper. You should use a flashlight to see if you can see the clog at this point. Put some gloves on, and see if you can remove any objects that may be causing the clog. Move on to the next suggestion if this step fails to fix the problem. 

Your Wire Hanger May Defeat The Clog

You will need wire cutters and a wire hanger at this point. What you are going to do is cut the wire hanger, and make one long hook that can be inserted into your drain. Making a small hook is the key to this rudimentary unclogging tool. Use your wire cutters to slightly bend one of the ends of your wire hanger, and make a hook. Insert the wire hanger until you hit a snag in the drain. Try to spin your wire or jiggle it while in the drain, and then pull it out slowly. Repeat the step until you get everything out, or you simply cannot reach any deeper. Allow some water to run to see if your drain is unclogged. 

If the clog is still there, then remove a little of the excess water. Make sure you leave enough water to use your plunger, because the suction abilities of your plunger use water to get the job done.

Use the plunger for at least 30 seconds. Then try to use your hanger hook to see if it catches anything from your drain. 

It may be time to call a professional if the aforementioned suggestions do not work. It may be tempting, but avoid using chemicals, because some store-bought drain cleaners have chemicals that may damage your pipes beyond repair. And replacing your pipes will be far more expensive then having a plumber, such as from Biard & Crockett Plumbing, simply unclog your drain.