It is no secret that most parents would like to have their children home somewhat more during their teenage years. At this age your children generally want to go out with friends and have fun, so the key is to bring the fun to your home. If your child feels like their own home is a fun and cool place to hang out, they will likely bring their friends over a lot more often. This article will explain how to make your home fun for your kids and their friends.

Purchase and Install A Hot Tub

Purchasing a hot tub that is big enough for your kids and their friends to sit in provides a great activity for them to enjoy at home. Finding a hot tub that has cool bonuses such as the ability to play music, different colored lights, and jet bubblers can make it even more appealing to them. Including your kids in the purchasing process of the hot tub is also important, and will make the idea more appealing to them.

Installing the hot tub within your deck will make it close enough to your home to make it easy to care for it, and creating an overhang over it will provide it with even more protection. This hot tub will even give you an excuse to hang out with your kids more because you can all get in the hot tub as as family. 

Make An Effort To Connect With Your Kids

If your children feel that you love them and want to be a part of their life, they will be more likely to allow you into theirs. The key is to be there for your child, without being overbearing. If your child feels that they can talk to you about things like drugs, alcohol, sex, friends, and other emotional or environmental issues, then they will feel like they don't need to hide them from you. Make sure your child knows that you accept them for who they are, and that they are more than welcome to invite their friends and/or girlfriend or boyfriend (if they have one) over to your home. 

Fill Your Pantry With Good Foods

Since a lot of growing is done during the teenage years, it is important to make sure that teens are getting the nutrition that they need. If you fill your pantry with good foods that your kids enjoy, they will be less likely to go out and get unhealthy food with their friends. Your teens and their friends will instead come home to get food, and will likely bring their friends as well. You can fill your pantry with healthy items that they love, such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grain snacks. You can also throw in a few "junk food" items as well for your teens to eat in moderation.