Owning an outdoor pool is all about having a cool and relaxing atmosphere where you can feel just as comfortable lounging in the sun as you can doing butterfly strokes in pristine waters. When your pool area starts to look more rundown than uptown, it's time to give it a much-needed makeover. From your actual pool to the patio it rests in, discover 3 great ways you can update your pool and give it the makeover it deserves.

Give your pool a thorough spit shine

Your pool should be scrubbed clean every season so it maintains an even color and appeal. Pool plastering gives your swimming pool an even sheen and that pristine white appeal you are looking for. Make sure as you scrub your pool (using only appropriate tools) that you take care to clean all filters and wipe down lights as well. With your pool empty, now is a great time to replace any broken or cracked pool lights with brighter bulbs and clearer glass, so your pool can appear as new as possible. If you make your pool look as healthy as possible, the rest of your poolside makeover will look great against the new spit-shined pool.

Replace pool tile

The tile surrounding your pool is likely outdated and faded. Replacing this tile with more modern designs can help give your pool the quick makeover it needs. Popular tile ideas for pools include:

  • natural stone tile
  • sandstone tile
  • marble tile

Stone tile is an excellent option for your pool (as opposed to ceramic or porcelain tile) because it is sturdy, unique in design, and resistant to water damage and rust. It is also naturally more slip-resistant, making it a safer option for many people who are worried about falling near their pool. Stone tile gives your pool an updated look that you can enjoy for several years.

Add great decor

No poolside hangout is complete without the right furniture and decor. Adorn the area around your pool with a mini fire pit, potted tall plants (for shade and beauty), and plastic furniture with waterproof cushions to make your pool area complete. Couches and deep-seated chair sets in deep black and white patterns make your pool area both chic and comfortable.

Your pool area is a place where you can enjoy being by the water and hanging out with people you like. Make your pool and its surrounding area as comfortable and appealing as possible by giving this space the makeover it really deserves. For more information about pool maintenance, contact a company like Heritage Pool Plastering, Inc.