Interior painting can refresh a room and give it an entirely new look. Unfortunately, the task can be more work than you have time for. Eliminating some of the clean-up work can make painting your home a little less time consuming and save you money as well. Here, you will learn a few tips that can reduce clean-up time and help you get through your interior painting projects faster.

Trim Work

Most of your time is going to be spent taping off the trim and removing it once the project is complete. If you can skip those steps, you expedite the completion of the project drastically. To paint neatly without taping anything off you must:

  • Purchase a high-quality edging brush. For easier use, find an edging brush with a very small handle. If you are unsure of what is best, talk with the experts at your local home improvement store. The brush you choose will determine how successful you are.
  • Instead of wiping your brush on the side of the can to remove the excess paint, tap it gently on the side of the can. This will keep enough paint on the brush to make a long stroke without having too much that will drip.
  • If you bump the trim, use a damp cloth to immediately remove the paint. The sooner you act to clean up the mistake, the less likely it is to be noticeable.

Your Paint Tray

How often have you spent too much time peeling dried latex paint out of your paint tray or just giving up and throwing it away? You can eliminate the clean-up of the paint tray by covering it with aluminum foil before you pour the paint into the tray. This way, once you are done painting, you can remove the foil and toss it in the trash. There will be no need to clean the tray or worry about dried paint in it for the next use.

Your Brushes and Rollers

If you have to stop painting to allow one coat to dry or to grab a bite to eat, store the paint brushes and rollers inside plastic bags. If you will be putting your painting project on hold for several hours or even a couple of days, store the bags inside your refrigerator. When the time comes to resume painting, you will simply have to open the bags, remove the brushes and rollers and get back to work.

These three tips can take a lot of time off of your painting project. If you still do not have enough time to complete the project, consider hiring a professional painting crew like one from Paints & Papers to do it for you. They will be quick and leave you with the perfect paint job to enjoy.