If you would like to learn how to cut glass for your windows, you'll find that you'll have to do a good deal of practicing before you'll get it right. People who are just starting out cutting glass tend make the same mistakes. One of these is to try to scratch too deep a line into the glass. Many of them will also go back and forth over the same line several times with the glass cutter.

Choosing and Using Tools

There are two kinds of glass cutters you can use. One is a basic steel wheel and the other is a diamond coated cutter. While either can be used, it's probably best to use the diamond cutter if you're new to glass cutting. The key to cutting glass properly is to drag the cutting wheel across the glass as smoothly as possible and at an even pace. While you're doing this, apply just a bit of pressure with the cutting wheel to score the glass. When it comes time to break the glass along the score mark, how well you made the scratch will largely determine whether the break is successful.

What You'll Need

  • Diamond Coated Glass Cutter

  • Sheet of Window Glass

  • Can of Kerosene

  • Plastic Cup

  • Quarter Inch Dowel

  • Straight Edge

  • Protective Gloves

  • Protective Goggles or Glasses

  • Whetstone

Step 1. Place the sheet of glass on a clean, perfectly flat surface.

Step 2. Pour a little of the kerosene into a plastic cup and dip the glass cutter into it. This will produce a smoother cut.

Step 3. Position the straight edge on the sheet of glass where you want to make your cut. Use one hand to hold the straight edge down firmly.

Step 4. Hold the glass cutter like a pencil and angle it slightly so the cutting wheel is touching the glass where you want the cut to begin. Pull the cutter along the straight edge to the other side of the glass. You want to do this in a single smooth stroke, while applying a bit of pressure. As you do so, you should hear a little scraping.

Step 5. Carefully lift up the sheet of glass and position the quarter inch dowel under the line you just scored into the glass.

Step 6. Put on your eye protection and gloves. With a rapid downward motion, apply pressure to the glass pane on both sides of the dowel. Assuming you scored the glass correctly, it should snap along the line. Be very careful when handling the glass, since the broken edges can be hazardous.

Step 7. Use a whetstone to slightly round the edges of the glass where you broke it. This will make it safer to handle and make the glass less likely to break.

If you mess up a piece or need further assassinate, contact professional window installers like Screen Masters.